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Match Scores : 2.5 Over Goal
Team Win : Huesca

Match Preview & Team News

Sure, we have a difficult problem with the men of Francisco Veláziz against the fierce competition of Los Leones.
The Aragonese team won successive victories, something unexpected of them in silence, and built a certain momentum for the next tie.
Meanwhile, White-Whites began qualifying to improve their season, after innumerable setbacks from the start.
The men of Gaizka Garitano will see their confidence, since their team will have one of the best teams, if not the best team in Europe at the moment, Barcelona, with a draw. And yes, play. King Leo
The loss of 4-0 faced Valladolid and the loss of 2-0 against the price of the shares of Girona Huesca increased a bit. They will be eager to go back, and this game will test their impulses a lot because visitors are known for their position they can never say.

Monday’s match in La Liga comes this week from the small town of Ogunnis in Huesca. The visitors are Athletic Bilbao, and they see that the two sides have met in an impressive way. They have already met three times this season with a 4-0 victory in the Copa del Rey, but Huesca has abandoned the competition by offering marginal players and we should see a closer match here.
Huesca also plays as he did throughout the season and comes for a third consecutive victory. Obviously, they have not been able to keep a clean sheet in any of the 20 open league games, but since then they have kept three on the list. Their 2-0 victory in Girona last weekend gave them a real glimmer of hope in their struggle to survive, although they are still on the table after playing 15 games.
Atletico de Bilbao have nine points, but still have much to do to avoid a tense end of the season. They were fantastic last weekend, with a 0-0 draw at home against Barcelona in a game they could easily win. They have lost only once in nine league games since Gaizka Garitano, who made them stricter to break five goals only in those games, while in Barca there were almost no openings in the last time.
It does not seem likely that this other game will produce a lot of goal work. Huesca will be careful with the speed of Inaki Williams, so it is unlikely that he will push too far on the field. After about 300 minutes without conceding, they will return to a certain extent to give Athletic some opportunities, but its quality will remain slightly shorter in the last third.
In Game 24 today, Real Valladolid scored just fewer goals in the league than the two clubs that were average in each game. Both Huesca and Athletics have been successful in making changes in the training of the term, which has effectively changed them to a more defensive approach and less than 2.5 goals. Both teams do not seem to be right here. The average number of Athletic Bilbao matches Only 1.55 goals per Garitano match.
The lottery support also resumes. 52% of the matches of the Athletic League finished this match, while 4 of 9 of Huesca at home did the same.

Head To Head Record

Huesca 0-4 Athletic Bilbao 6 Dec, 2018 Spanish Copa del Rey
Huesca 0-4 Athletic Bilbao 28 Nov, 2018 Spanish Copa del Rey
Huesca 2-2 Athletic Bilbao 27 Aug, 2018 Spanish Primera División


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