Betting Tip
Match Scores : 2.5 Under Goal
Team Win : Leicester City or draw

Match Preview & Team News

Foxes such as Manchester City, Chelsea and Everton in recent weeks have seen themselves very well in the Premier League, rising to seventh place. Claude Boyle is often acclaimed for his calm posture and seems to be paying off now for a team that has some preferences after leaving the Carabao Cup in the final stages of the quarterfinals. Jimmy Vardi continues to lead the attack line with Leicester City, and England hopes to add his credit to 7 this season.
Mike Flynn, from Newport County, did not make a big impact in the second division this season and is now in the middle of the standings in 12th place. The exiles beat Welsh Werxham 4-0 in the final round to reach this stage, and Rodney Barad will certainly be surprised with the arrival of Leicester City. Padreg has doubled Amond’s goals this season (14) and the Northern Irishman has generally been scoring on the big stage.


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