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Match Scores : 2.5 Over Goal
Team Win : PSG

Match Preview & Team News

PSG only scored four goals in their last three games, but the fact that they had to work hard to win was probably seen as a grace disguised by Thomas Tuschil.
The French giants will have to do without Neymar and Edison Cavani due to an injury, but they continue to obtain important results in a difficult period of the season.
On Sunday night a late Ceylon MababĂ© goal was required against St. Etienne, but it came with Tochel’s choice to change the system and staff.
The victory was an important event in the context of his campaign, and although PSG already has a hand in the Ligue 1 Cup, Tochel will be happy to see his team advance three points.
Both Montpellier and Nimes will come in six days, a brief turn that Tochel could have made, but PSG wants some of the players to grow before the next campaign and the current schedule allows them to do so.
Moussa Diaby and Colin Dagba were able to win more minutes at the end of the week, and both Christopher Nkunko and Stanley Nsoki could be used during the next two games.
Saint-Germain must play eight games in less than a month, from Wednesday until March 17. The foursome will have to contribute at some point to Tochel, who wants to keep his stars before what seems to be the best opportunity for Saint Germain to win the Champions League later. In this season.
The Big Three can be fit and shoot at the end of March, but this is the right time for the season in which Tochel will be satisfied with the results by any means necessary, especially against the Montpellier team that has the potential to make a surprise. Wednesday night

Montpellier has established a series of games in which he has not lost six games, which included five draws, but that does not mean the whole story, and Michael de Zacariane will be relatively satisfied with his team.
His team fell to sixth place in the table, but the points against Nem and Monaco were restored during that period, as well as a draw in Lille over the weekend.
The big picture shows that only nine points have been scored in nine games, but there are suggestions that this team started returning to the track before the most difficult encounters in their travels.
Montpellier has yet to play PSG in the league this season with the postponement and was postponed earlier in the campaign, although Der Zakarian’s team will not fear the challenge presented to them on Wednesday.
They have registered three clean cards in their last five games, and there will be a desire to take advantage of their brilliant opponents without some of their star players.
Zacariane expects Andy Delort to be able to continue his return to form after scoring a goal in his last two games after failing to find the back of the net since November 25.
Jaitan Labord scored two goals and helped him in four games after almost two months without contributing, and Montpellier needs the duo to maintain their current efforts to maintain hope of qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Head To Head Record

Paris Saint-Germain 4-0 Montpellier 27 Jan, 2018 French Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Montpellier 23 Sep, 2017 French Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain 2-0 Montpellier 22 Apr, 2017 French Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain 0-3 Montpellier 3 Dec, 2016 French Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain 0-0 Montpellier 5 Mar, 2016 French Ligue 1


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