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Team Win : Real Madrid

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Not long ago, the 2018-1919 season seemed to be a disappointment for Madrid. However, it’s funny that things can change quickly, with an impressive set seeing a return of confidence.
Real Madrid won fourth place in the Primera Liga, finishing second with a 3-1 victory over Atlético de Madrid to take Barcelona to a win over Barcelona. As is the case, the gap is only six points from the first to the second, which suggests that the team of Santiago Solari in the race for the title this season.
Since January 6, the Real has not been able to win the league, with victories over Real Betis, Sevilla, Espanyol, Alves and Atlético in the last five. The title of Barcelona is still a loser, but Madrid has placed at least a decent position to take advantage of low points.
The Blanche will also enter the match after a 2-1 victory over Ajax in the first leg of 16 Champions League matches on Wednesday. The Dutchman was impressive at night, but the referees were victorious by placing themselves in a strong position before the second leg next month.
Real Madrid will also play the Copa del Rey as they prepare to welcome Barcelona in the semi-final on 27 February. The last game will be late after a 1-1 draw in the first leg earlier this month. The Blanches will consider the local success that has been difficult to secure in recent years.
It’s a great season for Solari when they think they will face Girona and Levante in their next two games, before the successive matches of the World Cup and the League Cup of Barcelona. On March 5, the second leg in the last 16 matches in the Champions League comes with Ajax.
Madrid has already faced Girona three times this season, one in the league and twice in the Copa del Rey, and has three victories in its name. Girona will be the last between the two teams, but the home team is the strongest candidate to put three more points on the board.

The 2017-18 campaign proved to be Girona’s first season in the Spanish league. There is no doubt that the team was above expectations, since the tenth position was very impressive.
The Catalan team has achieved an excellent half season, but it is fair to say that things have fallen in recent weeks. In fact, they will play the weekend game with Madrid after they have not accumulated three points in a league match since they won Espanyol on November 25.
Since then, Uzbiyo’s team has played Sakuristan 10 times in the league, where they drew four and lost six. It is a cause for concern that they will play Madrid’s game with Real Madrid in four consecutive defeats, the most recent 2-0 defeat at home to Huesca on 9 February.
Only Real Valladolid scored less than the goals of Girona 23 La Liga this season, which will not fill the fans with confidence for the Bernabeu on Sunday morning.
As we mentioned, it will be the fourth meeting between the two teams this season and the third during the past month. The Catalans lost at home to Madrid in the Copa del Rey in January, while they suffered a 4-1 defeat in the league earlier this season.
With just one point behind Girona, 17 from Rayo Vallecano, 18, going to week 24, and finishing the last round of games in the relegation zone will be a real concern for the club.
However, Madrid have more fish to play at the moment, and Girona certainly has players that make it very difficult for Los Blanche this weekend.

Head To Head Record

Real Madrid 3-1 Girona 31 Jan, 2019 Spanish Copa del Rey
Real Madrid 4-2 Girona 24 Jan, 2019 Spanish Copa del Rey
Real Madrid 4-1 Girona 26 Aug, 2018 Spanish Primera Division
Real Madrid 6-3 Girona 18 Mar, 2018 Spanish Primera Division
Real Madrid 1-2 Girona 29 Oct, 2017 Spanish Primera Division


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